Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being a Spiritual Parent

Being a parent should be a joyful experience. Your child can teach you just as much as you teach them. It is being open to this mutual learning that makes parenting so inspiring. I believe our children are closer to God in many ways. Especially as toddlers they retain that spiritual connection with our creator. The light of divinity is bright within our children if we are willing to see it and nurture it.

Sadly, by the time most children reach seven, their light has become dimmed. Their creativity is restricted and their connection to the Source is becoming frayed. Our society does little to truly nurture that connection. It is our duty as parents to allow our children to be who they are meant to be, to nurture their creative, divine light. It is our responsibility to honor our children and give them the support and structure they need to grow.

Spiritual Parenting is raising your child with a sense of the divine in all things. Nurturing your child's sense of self and personal creativity. Spiritual parenting also means teaching your child a sense of responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. A spiritual child recognizes and honors the sanctity of ALL life.

Parent Coach Geralyn St. Joseph is a single parent. She holds a degree in Communications with a concentration in Law and Psychology from Temple  University in Philadelphia. She offers her services as an intuitive parent coach and spiritual advisor currently in the Philadelphia, PA area and by phone. She also offers couples guidance and a wide array of metaphysical classes and services both in person, by phone and via email. She is available for individual sessions & groups as well as corporate events & talks. Contact her at 808 261-7866 or For more info visit or