Monday, December 23, 2013

Are you Ready? Ready to Experience Lasting Joy?

Completing the Circle with Geralyn St. Joseph
First let me explain that this is presented as a six week course. It takes time to set patterns in our lives. It takes hard work and a great deal of honesty to change them. First and foremost you MUST be honest with yourself. We tend to lie to ourselves more than to any other person.

To come to a place of self-empowerment first we must know the self. Since that entails a process, I will limit the talk to a general overview and focus on one aspect only.

To get to know yourself, first you have to listen. Listen to your self-talk. Not all those voices in your head belong to you. Once you can discern where they are coming from, you can develop your own voice. You may want to start a journal. This allows you to chart your progress in a concrete way as you see your thought patterns change.

Take note of your physical responses to different subjects and situations – What are you reactive to? This could mean anything from an anxiety attack to a deep sigh to a big smile. Why are you reactive to that particular stimulus? What memory, emotion or energy cord is attached?

Whether it is simple to figure these things out or not, we can begin the healing process by using a technique called pulling or cutting cords. Every person we deal with, every situation that affects us develops an energy cord to us. This can be draining or reciprocal. In pulling cords we stop the energy drain. 

Learn to meditate so that you can effectively tap into your higher self, and the source. Mediation will also help a great deal on the physical level – teaching your body to relax. Once you’ve mastered this – you can relax your body on demand – regardless of the situation. That in itself is a powerful tool.

Think about and define your Faith, values and desires. All this helps you know who you are. Knowing who you are gives you the freedom to change it and the freedom to connect with the source and with others without fear.

Most of the things I’ve mentioned are cognitive things. The focus of finding the self and cleaning it up, fixing it, is to discover Joy. I believe Joy is our reconnection to Spirit and the world around us.

To truly experience Joy on a regular and lasting basis we need to become responsible for whom we are. There are many ways to do that. The path we choose to follow is not the key thing, the responsibility is the key.

There was this Ventriloquist who was out of work. So he goes to his agent and asks him what he needs to do. The agent says that he’s really sorry but ventriloquists are out this year, but mediums are big. He tells the ventriloquist to hang a shingle out as a medium. So he does.
Within the hour a woman comes in and asks to speak with her dead husband, how much would that be? He points to the sign behind him. Which has 3 prices. He says for $25 you get to talk to your dead husband. For $50 he can talk back to you. And for $75 He can talk to you while I’m drinking a glass of water.

We insist on carrying old patterns into new situations. We need to remember that everything is a choice whether sub-conscious or conscious. The universe consistently creates that which we give our energy to. If we obsess about being fat, we will be fat. If we worry about lack, we manifest it. We need to remain awake to be aware of our thoughts. Our thoughts reflect our true intentions and remember the universe creates our true intentions in perfect form.

Einstein said that true insanity lies in repeating the same action, while expecting a different result.

Can you think of situations in which you do that? & then defend you actions! Fight for your limitations and they shall be yours. Excuses are the nails that build the houses of failure.

When people say it is all perfect, because we are all made in God’s image, everything is perfect. Whether they are aware or enlightened to the fact or not, they do not mean ‘true perfection’ as most of us relate to perfection, as in without flaw. They are referring to the universe creating our wishes or thoughts and sometimes even fears in perfect form. Which is a world away from saying that this world is perfect in a Garden of Eden kind of way.

With all this in mind, what then, do we need to create a better environment? To become healthy, wealthy and wise?

We not only need to change our behavior and outward appearances, we need to be aware and accountable for our thoughts. We need to listen to our self-talk and make sure it’s positive.


Completing the Circle - Path to Self-Empowerment
Let me help you find your way to a joy-filled life. 
REALize  your true self and reconnect to Spirit. 
Discover your Intuition. 
Learn how to stay balanced in any situation. 
Be the Best YOU! Are you ready?

Begins January 8, 2013 at 9pm ET - 6 weeks
Every session is recorded so if you miss it live, you have access to the replay.
Interactive - post questions during the lessons, through email or in our private FB group.
Weekly discussions with Geralyn St Joseph on FB
Lesson book is included with your payment.
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